Game solutions

Nemtek's electric fencing solutions confine and secure game animals, preventing them from escaping and protecting them from threats such as poachers and other predators.

Our durable and reliable range of electric fencing solutions can meet your needs no matter what size of game farm, game park or reserve you have. Nemtek's fence technology includes fence break detection and fence monitoring capabilities, meaning that regular fence patrols are no longer required, saving you time and money.

Case studies


Electric fencing solution for large game farm

An owner of a large game farm approached Nemtek about finding a solution to keep their game animals from escaping through the fence, and also to prevent predators such as jackal and caracal from penetrating the existing perimeter fence.

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Solar powered electric fence for game farm

Nemtek was contacted by a local game farm owner to secure the existing 13.5 km perimeter fence to prevent his game animals from escaping, and to ensure that predators were kept out.

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