How Does an Electric Fence Energizer Work

How Exactly Does An Electric Fence Energizer Work

electric fence energizerAn electric fence without an energizer is either a harmless bunch of wires strung around your property or a serious accident waiting to happen. A properly constructed electric fence will always include an energizer, which is why we compiled this short and educational article on how an electric fence energizer works.

You cannot have a secure electric fence by simply connecting it to a power supply (such as the main power supply on your property, or a battery). As mentioned before, the result will either be inert and ineffectual fencing that may as well not be there, or you will end up with wiring that carries a dangerous amount of voltage. The function of an electric fence energizer is to both ensure that the voltage supply to the fence is adequate (not too high and not too low) and to make the fencing safer overall.

Energizers essentially regulate the voltage of a fence by releasing the current in pulses, which ensures that fences are not receiving a constant stream of electricity. Pulses tend to vary in frequency (the amount of time each pulse occurs in a short span of time), which is usually determined by the volume or area the fencing is set to protect. When someone (like an intruder) touches the fence, they will only receive a short burst of electricity instead of a constant stream. This means that a potential intruder won’t be seriously harmed when touching the fence but will rather experience an unpleasant sensation. The result is a barrier that creates both a physical and psychological deterrent. Rest assured that Nemtek’s global supply of energizers undergo stringent testing to ensure that all safety and legal protocols are in place.

The Cost Of An Electric Fence Energizer 

You cannot put a price tag on your own safety. The risks are simply too great. There are two safety facets to consider: the first, which we already discussed, is the utility of an energizer and its ability to regulate voltage, while the second is protection from crime and unwelcome guests. If you are a farmer or rancher, there is also the physical safety of your animals to take into consideration, but this aspect is covered in the aforementioned point on physical protection.

You may have insurance on your property (including the land, the buildings, and all other items), but some people do not. Crime is not just traumatic, but also expensive. There are a lot of expenses to take care of when you are a victim of crime. If not for the stuff you’ve lost, then for injuries you may have incurred trying to protect your property. The risk of such occurrences can be reduced by protecting yourself with an electric fence.

Why Nemtek Is The Best Place To Purchase An Electric Fence Energizer

There is no one-size-fits-all approach that can cover every single possible circumstance or variable when it comes to security. Nemtek is keenly aware of this, which is why we pride ourselves on our massive range of products (including energizers) for every electrical fencing requirement you may have.