Modulus Brackets System For Added Security

Our Modulus Brackets System: A Durable, Modular to Fit Your Needs that can Provide Added Security

modulus brackets

The patented Modulus brackets are designed with flexibility in mind. By using the different components, a full range of sizes and different applications can be formulated and offer a slimline aesthetically pleasing finish. It gives you flexibility on the spacing of the insulators, number of insulators and height of the fence.

The key components are the 2- and 3-way brackets. The 2-way is primarily used as an intermediate bracket. A typical spacing (pitch) between wires is 100mm, but by using the Modulus spacers, different spaces (pitches) can be achieved. The 3-way is used as an end-tensioning post and corner post to change the wire direction, or as an inline strain post on long, straight walls. The 3-way bracket is heavier and stronger, and can be used as a tensioning bracket, as a corner post, or as an inline strain post

The 2- and 3-way Modulus brackets are available in the following sizes:

  • 460mm – 5 lines
  • 960mm – 10 lines
  • 1160mm – 12 lines
  • 1960mm – 20 lines
  • 2360mm – 24 lines
  • 2660mm – 27 lines


  • Modular design so that it can be assembled on-site to fit the needs of the installation.
  • Using fibreglass and plastics in its construction, it is durable and can be installed in the harshest environments.
  • Light to transport and easy to handle.
  • Increased security as more lines can be assembled on the bracket when rewired.
  • Insulators can be installed on both sides of the bracket to increase security.

View the Modulus Brackets systems here.