New Product: Nemtek Sighter Wire

New Product: Nemtek Sighter Wire

For areas where non-electrical boundary warning is required. Nemtek Sighter Wire is a non-corrosive nylon monofilament ideally suited to horse paddocks, driveways, flower beds and yards where visual or non-electrical boundary warning is required.

Nemtek's Sighter Wire for non-electrical boundary warnings. Highly visible, durable, and versatile. Visit our site to learn more.It is soft and pliable, so no special tools are needed for straining and installing Nemtek Sighter Wire, and it is available in a black or white finish, and in 100m or 600m.

Features of Nemtek’s Sighter Wire

  • Non-corrosive and resistant to most chemical sprays and saltwater
  • 4mm thick for visibility
  • Easily tensioned by hand to 3% extension
  • 330kg breaking strain +/- 10%
  • Safe polymer monofilament sighter
  • Highly visible, smooth and attractive
  • UV-stabilised, lasts for years in the sun
  • Capable of stretching up to +/- 20%
  • 7 times lighter than steel wire
  • Non-conductive
  • Resistant to sunlight, crop chemicals, acids, extreme temperatures and saltwater

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