Druid 20LCD Fence Monitor

This low voltage Druid 20LCD Fence Alarm Monitor is used to monitor fences in public areas or areas where an electric fence would be a legal concern, like a school. As the unit uses a pulse below 50V, animals or people touching the fence will not receive a shock, making it safe. An alarm will still be triggered if the wires are cut or shorted. This low voltage Fence Monitor allows the initial 1.5m of a fence in a public space to be monitored and the remaining height of the fence can still be electrified using a security energizer.

D20 Installer Manual
D20 User Manual


  • Monitors for continuity using safe 50V pulses
  • Can work in conjunction with other energizers to provide extra security above 1.5m.
  • The robust and flexible design is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial and high security sites
  • Four zones can easily be created by linking two D20 fence monitors together using the Druid four zone keypad
  • Detects a low voltage loop cut (open circuit or short)
  • Allows the installer to keep their fence compliant in public access areas
  • Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module
  • Lightning and power surge protection
  • Intelligent power saving to extend battery life
  • Optional keypad for controlling and programming the low voltage fence monitor.
  • The LCD background colour changes to easily identify the fence condition
  • Can be tested using the D20 Fence Alarm Monitor tester [TL-FM/D20]


Stock CodeDescription
E-DRUID/20FM/V1Druid 20LCD Fence Monitor